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Ciao! A Month In The Life Of A TCV Intern

Ciao! A month in the life of a TCV intern

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Hi, It’s team TCV Citizen Science here for an update!

Recently we had the pleasure of being involved in an Intern Europe Ltd exchange programme where we were to host one Italian student for a conservation and Citizen Science placement here with us for one month. Intern Europe are passionate about providing challenging and exciting work experiences across the UK and we were more than happy to host Guido Cazzolli, our exchange student from the small village of Tione di Trento. Getting stuck right in with all our practical tasks in the beginning, after a few weeks we asked Guido to draft up a personal blog of his experiences with us at the halfway point and here it is for you below!

Yesterday we hosted a farewell lunch for Guido, now on his way back to Italy – thanks for becoming a member of the team, it was great to have you and good luck!

About you:

Hi, I am Guido Cazzolli and I’m a student of the Guetti Institute in Tione of Trento in Italy. I’m 18 years old and right now I’m working with TCV association in Glasgow. In Italy I’m very concerned about scientific subjects because they’re the ones which I’d like to study at university. I live in a small village called Tione di Trento (3500 people): a place with a lot of biodiversity and surrounded by mountains, because of that I’m very interested in nature and the environment. In my free time I also like going fishing and hiking in the mountains.

What would you like to study at university:

I don’t actually have any plan for university but I think I’ll do something referred to scientific subjects like math, science, physics, informatics. Another great option that I’ll definitely consider is doing the Park Guard of “Adamello-Brenta Natural Park”.

Why were you interested in coming to TCV:

I were interested because I’ve always loved the nature and the animals that surround me and I thought TCV would have been a great opportunity to practice my passion. The school has sent to me an e-mail about the work that TCV and I’ve accepted the work.

What have you done in your first week:

  1. On Wednesday I’ve learned how to clean up the woods from the trash that people put in there and I’ve learned also new way to protect the trees from the deer by putting a plastic tube all around the tree. Then I have cut some invasive plants in order to preserve the native ones using loppers.
  2. On Thursday I’ve cleaned up the paths from an hospital near Glasgow (Gartnavel), and I’ve also helped to create a new one to help patients access the grounds. I’ve used a sort of shovel to uproot some weeds, then cleaned it by removing some rocks inside it. I also helped to move the soil in order to create the new path.
  3. On Friday I went to another garden. This time I have learned how to plant some flowers using a mattock, and how to put the soil in order to make the flower grow better. And then I’ve done a bit of litter picking to help the environment.
  4. I have attended a training course on permaculture. Lauren and Camillo (TCV Senior Project Officers) have explained to me some things about this topic like: the ability to observe what surrounds us, the situation of the waste of products in our society and what we can do to help these.

What animals did you see / learn about:

I have seen a lot of animals since I’ve come to Scotland, for example I have seen a lot of birds like: swans, pigeons, gulls, today I had the opportunity to visit Hogganfield Loch where there were a lot of swans and gulls. Then I have seen a lot of insects like the caterpillar or the dragonfly. From the TCV volunteers and staff I learned a lot of things about the hedgehogs and the water voles, with this one in particular I’ve participated in a water vole training course, in this course I’ve learned what type of food the water vole eat, and where it lives and what type of threats is faces.

What did you like best:

The thing I liked the most here at TCV is travelling, because some of the volunteers come to pick me up in the office and then they take me around the city to do different types of activities. So I have the opportunity to visit a lot of places and meet a lot of people.

Have you learnt anything new:

I’ve learned how to preserve the woods as best as I can by cutting down the invasive species, and how to use different kinds of tools and managed to get on with my work independently. I’ve understood in general how a garden works and the volunteers has given to me some tips about the environment that surrounds me.

What do you think about Scotland:

In general I think it’s good place to live because it’s quiet and the people who live there are smart. However I think there are quite a lot of problems: pollution for example is one of biggest problems in city because wherever you go you will always find trash in the ground, but I think TCV is doing a great work in order to maintain the city and keep it clean, free from litter and pollution and always trying to help wildlife.


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