Porthmadog tidal door to be replaced

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) will be replacing an important part of a north Wales seaside town’s flood defences next week.

Five tidal doors play a vital part in keeping the tide out of low-lying areas of Porthmadog.

But one was broken as a result of severe weather and extremely high tides on Boxing Day 2015.

Although this did not increase flood risk to the town, replacing the door will remove the need for the system to be operated manually.

NRW and contractors Jones Brothers from Ruthin promise to keep disturbance to a minimum during the work, which should be completed within two weeks, weather permitting.

Sian Williams, Head of Operations for NRW in North Wales, said: “Keeping communities safe from flooding is an important part of our work.

“We have been operating these penstocks manually since the door broke and we’ll be pleased to get it up and running automatically once again.

“Although there has been no increase in flood risk for the town, I know that having the door replaced with bring peace of mind to everyone in Porthmadog.”

NRW is also looking at the long-term implications of flooding to Porthmadog and Tremadog in the face of future challenges such as sea level rise and climate change.

Natural Resources Wales

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