Tools & Guides


environet - Invest in Nature
So you want to help the environment but are unsure how to start?
environet - Greening Your Organisation
One of the best ways to demonstrate commitment to 'greening' your organisation is through having an agreed Environmental Policy.
How to protect the woodlands in your area
Woodlands in Wales are an important asset to our culture, wildlife, well-being and society.
Carry out a waste audit in your community
On average, each person in the UK throws away their own weight in rubbish every seven weeks.
Create a cleaner community
Our guide on how to create a cleaner community.
Carry out a wildlife survey in your local community
Advice on carrying out a wildlife survey.
Encourage recycling in your community
Guidance on how and why communities should recycle.
Encouraging wildlife in your local community
Advice on how to embark on a wildlife project.
Improve local rivers and streams


Community Engagement

Setting up your own community group
Create a healthy community
Encourage participation in your local heritage
Manage volunteers in your community