Create a cleaner community

Whether your community has a local fly tipping hot spot, abandoned cars, a littered play area or derelict buildings, there's ways to help combat the issue.

Living in a clean community helps us to feel proud of our neighbourhood, helps promote awareness of our contribution to waste and helps us feel safe.

This guide will provide you with the steps and important information on how to create a cleaner community for you, your family or clientele to reside in.

You may need funding to support your community clean up. Don’t forget to visit WCVA for up to date information on current funding opportunities.

You local authority might also be able to help you and offer you some funding to support your activities, as will the funding officer at your local development agency.

Useful Websites

Keep Wales Tidy
Keep Wales Tidy is a Welsh national voluntary environmental charity which works towards achieving “a clean, safe and tidy Wales”.
WCVA Funding
Wales’ Third Sector Funding Portal, the one-stop shop for funding.