How to protect the woodlands in your area

Woodlands in Wales are an important asset to our culture, wildlife, well-being and society. They can help improve the environment that surrounds us by improving the quality of our air, provide a safe haven for our nature and help combat climate change.

Sadly, in our modern society, many of the trees that once formed beautiful woodlands in Wales have been removed to provide suitable locations for developers. This causes a ripple effect of changes not just to us but to the habitants that once called these wooded areas, home.

Another issue that we face is the lack of use of our woodlands by local communities causing footpaths to become overgrown removing access to the public.

Examples of activities/projects to protect woodlands;

  • Get involved with current projects in your area.
  • Discuss your thoughts on how to improve your local woodland with environmental groups in your area.
  • Clean up existing woodlands with routine litter picking events.
  • Maintain footpaths to provide access to local wooded areas or contact your local authority to report any obstructions.
  • Promote activities in the area. A walking group, geocaching or even a green gym would help put local areas to good use at the same time as improving the health & well-being of participants.
  • Plant trees in disused areas or existing woodlands.
  • Survey trees in your local community to help prevent the spread of diseases.

Useful Websites

Natural Resources Wales
Natural Resources Wales ensures the environment and natural resources of Wales are sustainably maintained and used, now and in the future.
The Woodland Trust
The UK’s leading woodland conservation charity.
Keep Wales Tidy
Keep Wales Tidy is a Welsh national voluntary environmental charity which works towards achieving “a clean, safe and tidy Wales”.
The Conservation Volunteers
TCV creates healthier and happier communities for everyone – our activities have a lasting impact on people’s health, prospects and outdoor places.
The Tree Council
The Tree Council is the UK’s lead charity for trees, promoting their importance in a changing environment.
WCVA Funding
Wales’ Third Sector Funding Portal, the one-stop shop for funding.